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Welcome to Samaj Yog

It is a type of mental exercise and psychological yoga that focus on remaining fit mentally, physically, financially and socially. It throws light on how to remain in society and deal with the different hurdles of life. Samaj yog is run by "Shiv Sansaar - the spiritual and scientific trust".. It covers various aspects such as :-

Mind power training that concerns meditation and formatting of subconscious mind. It Explains the law of attraction that differentiate between the positive energies and negative energies. It considers the methods and techniques in order to attract money, to achieve financial freedom and others targets in business with management of stress levels and depression. It also includes dowsing, hypnotism and power of visualisation. Chakras balancing, vastu doshas and energy balancing ( removal of negative energies such as spirits, pitra dosha, tantras & mantras and other supernatural powers) are its parts. Scientifically, we teach how to pray, treat various chronic diseases,weight management, continuation of progeny, tracing of lost people & articles and scanning of auras. Socially, we also focus on personality development of a person by improving his self confidence and creating motivational urge so that he is well recognised. It also deals with relationship restoration and management. It even inculcates the removal of phobias through past life regression.

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  • Be Physically & Mentally Fit

    Solve all your physical and mental problems by strengthening your subconscious mind. Learn to activate a positive aura around yourself. Do not let the negativity surround you.

  • Become A Rich Man

    Attract money! With power of visualisation, you see positive , you get positive. Learn with us and see how life changes within days.

  • Mind Power Training

    Train your mind by removing all the viruses (negativities) from your subconscious mind. Strengthen yourself emotionally, socially, financially and physically and fulfil all your dreams.

  • Improve Relations

    Fill the gaps between relations. Cross over the bridges created. Life is once don't lose your loved ones. Learn to maintain healthy relations through the power of subconscious mind.

  • Healing

    Get yourself cured of the physical and mental issues. Problems lies in your mind not in your body. Learn to heal your own self!

  • Chakras & Energy balancing

    Clean your chakras and the energies that surround you through aura scanning. Learn to bring miracle changes in your life through change in attitude, behaviour, beliefs and perceptions.

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