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About Us

Samaj Yog is a mental exercise and psychological yoga. It is run by Shiv Sansaar - The Spiritual & Scientific Educational Trust. It aims to encourage people about winning over their own life and at the same time work for the welfare of the society. It emphasize on building a strong personality of the self so that no negativity could disturb, No barrier can stop & nothing can control a person from achieving his targets.

To change your lives we have Dr. Sunil Dev Khanna who is one of the renowned and eminent Professional Mind Power & new age Motivational Trainer/Speaker. Dr. Sunil holds bachelor degree in Commerce, ICWA (Inter), DMS, MBA and PHD in Cosmic & Mind Power. He is presently working with LIC as Sr. Business Associate (Development Officer).

His positive attitude helped him in overcoming many obstacles in life. He believed in the power of human mind. He believes that success and wealth can be achieved in life by following the right mantras. He started counselling people from various walks of life who were struggling to fulfill their wishes but hardly found success. He started motivating them to pursue their dreams, as he believes in the power of human mind and how our positive thoughts can affect our lives.

Dr. Sunil Dev Khanna has trained more than 20,000 people in the North India. He appeared on Divya Channel in Punjab. He transforms dreams of many people through his workshops. His entire workshops are based on the belief – the future of the person depends on his thoughts. Thoughts have huge influence on a person’s failure/success.

Dr. Sunil Dev Khanna is a social servant of "Samaj Yog". He offers different level of programmes to help people to erase their negativity from their mind and help them to recognize the infinite power of mind. He believes that everything is possible. With a positive mindset one can achieve success and happiness in life.

He is also a Reiki Master, Healer and Vastu Shastra expert.

Vision & Mission

"Your vision is our Mission."

Why Dr. Sunil Dev Khanna

Mr. Sunil Dev Khanna was born in a very poor family and grew up in a slum area of Faridabad. Due to his extreme financial conditions he started working as a labour and side by side he continued with his studies. Life was very challenging for him, but he never gave up. He believes that if he can change his own life then anyone can. He also believes that there is no given destiny or fortune rather we make them.

In this age of globalization, life’s no longer simple. There’s always a pressure to excel in every field, be it in pre-schools for the toddlers, in high schools, at office—and the situation gets worse. To let people cope with the "pressure-cooker" situations, many educational institutions and corporate offices hold sessions. Dr. Sunil Dev Khanna not only "motivate" them to do better but also, with his easy going speeches, relax them from their dilemmas and troubles. Let’s make the best to know the best with the scientific and spiritual methods.