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Aura Scanning and Cleaning

Aura (Aabha Mandal) in spiritual science is the luminous radiation or an energy field around a person’s body and even non living things that one is surrounded with. It depicts one's energies and powers that encircles body or things and these energies define ones perception, behaviour, attitude towards life and other people. It could be positive or negative. One who has a positive aura will be happy, he is recognised in the society, is physically and mentally strong and always grows in life. However, a person with negative aura is the opposite of it and he is needed to be corrected. Aura scanning is a technique in which aura is assessed. Afterwards, its cleaning is done. In aura cleaning, instruments such as dowsers are used, even experts can assess it through their own eyes.

Get your aura scanned, cleaned and enjoy the changes in your life.