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Power of Subconscious Mind

Brain has two parts: conscious and subconscious. Conscious mind forms approximately 7-8% (in size) where as subconscious forms the rest. Likewise, the power of subconscious mind is immense. Conscious mind accepts the things according to its own choice while subconscious mind accepts each and everything. The subconscious mind starts working before the birth of a human being. In a society we are bounded by different illusions and misconceptions such as "black cat crossing our path is inauspicious", "it is beyond your reach", "do not wear red or black" and many more, which negatively affects our subconscious mind by creating barriers. So, the actual power of the subconscious mind is not utilized as it has already attracted so many negative things. Just as a computer receives viruses, in the same way mind has received the negativities. This ultimately affects the power of subconscious mind. So, it is necessary to remove all the negativities or viruses which is possible through some mental exercises and training programmes. After its removal, the person becomes physically & mentally strong and is able to get financial freedom and social recognition.